<![CDATA[Aistis Zidanavicius - Reviews]]>Tue, 05 Jan 2016 02:05:43 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Rich Dad Poor Dad. The Bible of financial education!]]>Thu, 12 Jun 2014 20:42:16 GMThttp://www.aistiszidanavicius.com/reviews/rich-dad-poor-dad-the-bible-of-financial-educationRobert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Poor Dad
Simple story, simple examples and outstanding knowledge that will definitely improve your financial success and life! Rich Dad Poor Dad will uncover the non-hidden secrets of why some people are becoming rich and most are not. And the most beautiful thing is that you will be able to use that knowledge and become rich as well!

Robert Kiyosaki is a wonderful adviser regarding financial issues. Rich Dad Poor Dad is his must have book in any home, because it will definitely improve your financial situation. I believe you will find many answers to the question why you are not rich yet. Robert tells his story of having 2 dads, one who was his intelligent one and the other, who was the rich one. The story starts from the childhood and I believe it's very important, because the knowledge you get being a child lasts through mostly all your life. And here comes very important question of what outcome do you wish to have in your life? This book is a great start of changing your mindset and start living a rich life!

I've read this book twice and I think I will read it once a year, because even though some of the information is a little old or not as useful in different countries as it is in US, still the principles and the ideas are exactly the same. Every time reading this book I'm getting a little bit different understanding of what Robert wants to tell us, so I believe reading it once a year will still give me a very valuable new insights.

What I love about this book is that it really explains differences between people's mindsets and how those mindsets are affecting their financial life. Mostly if the financial situation is bad, that leads to all other aspects of life to be bad. So by reading this book you will be able to understand the main principles why some people are rich and most are not. Another great thing is that Kiyosaki advocates education a lot. And by saying education he means not the education system, but the education itself, what means constant improvement of you. He really doesn't like the system that is used in many countries to produce just employees, without any knowledge of financial issues and any chance of becoming really rich! And yes, many people are still blindly following the habit, that you need to go to school an get a good education. It's time to wake up, because we are living in different times!

And some WARNING at the end: This book won't make you rich - you will! This book will just give you the knowledge how to do that!

So, are you ready to wake up, or you need to get your diploma first?
<![CDATA[The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People. Learn the basics of living an exceptional LIFE!]]>Wed, 28 May 2014 10:11:20 GMThttp://www.aistiszidanavicius.com/reviews/the-7-habits-of-highly-effective-people-learn-the-basics-of-living-an-exceptional-lifeStephen R. Covey The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People
Most people wonder why certain people are successful and others are not, even though all of them are trying hard. I bet you wondered that many times as well? There is no any magic or mystery! There are certain habits that successful and effective people have and others don't. And you are able to know all of them in this one amazing book.

This book was released 25 year ago and I can't believe that so many people still don't know those essential 7 habits of effectiveness and success. Anyway, it's still very great to have such book at home where you can find very valuable information about how to become highly effective in your life. And I believe many people seek that knowledge, but many might not know where to get the correct one. This book will uncover 7 essential habits for every one of you to become highly effective and successful!

I've read this book twice and am really impressed with the information Stephen presents us. He believes that to become highly effective person in life you need to master 7 habits. Habits - because everything we are used to do is a habit, but not all our habits help us in life. In the beginning the author describes what a habit is and why it is important to develop them if you want to have a meaningful and successful life. That means that if you have some useless habits you will have to change them to useful ones if you want to live a better life.

Latter on Covey tells what those 7 habits are. He explains what it means to be dependent, independent and what it means to be interdependent and which habit makes you reach those levels. I was really amazed by the simplicity of the information. It's very easy to start using it in everyday life, still to master those 7 habits you will need efforts, but there is only one way to become effective and successful in life.

I highly recommend you to read this book if you are not as effective and successful as you want to be. Even if you think that you are successful enough I believe this book will help you to reach even higher. After reading The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People you will see which areas needs to be improved and there are other great literature on improving any of those fields and then everything is up to you!

Do you have any other advises for the effectiveness?
<![CDATA[Mind Dynamics. Discover mystics in a conscious way!]]>Wed, 21 May 2014 11:28:04 GMThttp://www.aistiszidanavicius.com/reviews/mind-dynamics-discover-mystics-in-a-conscious-wayChristian H. Godefroy - Mind Dynamics (Mind Powers)
Find answers to some of the most interesting and important questions of how human mind works! Discover reasonable explanations to the most mystical and magical things like paranormal faculties, hypnosis, telepathic, voodoo, auras, shamans, miracles and many more.

I should admit that Mind Dynamics was one of the most interesting books I've recently read. This book really gave me a lot of information on many things that are called mystical or miraculous in our society. I got many answers and still many more questions left for the future studies and readings. This book covers many such topics, but basically it's about our brain and how it works. Moreover, and what is very important, it's about how we can use that knowledge about our mind to improve our abilities and lives!

Some things in our society are taken for granted and some are considered as mystics or miracles. That is just a lack of information and in most cases just a lack of knowledge, which is actually already researched at some levels and could be available for everyone. Author really made a great work on researching many of the information on such topics as voodoo, shamanism, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, suggestions, consciousness, faith, healing, miracles, autosuggestion, brain waves and many more similar phenomenons. I personally believe that all mystical phenomenons can be explained in a rational way and this book gave me very valuable information that I am not wrong.

Another great thing is that this book is full of explanations and guidelines about using many techniques and methods in order to establish or improve our abilities that will definitely influence our lives. Christian gives detailed information about how to use them correctly. That is a great thing, because this book can be used practically as well.

Compared to other books on human mind, Mind Dynamics is really very informative, practical, quite technical, and well historically researched. It will give you scientific explanations to many unusual phenomenons and most important it will help you to understand how and why your own mind works. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about their own brain, who wants to improve their abilities and mostly for those who still believe in crystal ball.

Do you believe in what you see or do you see what you believe in?
<![CDATA[The 4-Hour Body. Improve your body, improve your LIFE!]]>Wed, 07 May 2014 13:00:46 GMThttp://www.aistiszidanavicius.com/reviews/the-4-hour-body-improve-your-body-improve-your-lifeTimothy Ferriss The 4-Hour Body
Genetics is nothing to blame on! If your weight shows numbers that you don't like, it's your job to reduce them. Your body is a very serious part of your life and you should treat it accordingly. Sex? Well, we all believe that we know everything, but a little more knowledge about 15 minute woman orgasm would be a great deal, don't you think so?!

Timothy Ferriss is really a great author and a person who likes to analyze and experience things and later on present the conclusions to us. I haven't read his bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek yet, but when reading The 4-Hour Body you can feel that author experienced everything, what he writes about, himself. That's very interesting, because all the advices are based on experiments, experiences, tests and numbers. Timothy loves numbers and tests and I believe that's great, because most things and progresses should be measured and most of them are measured by numbers. What you need is to know what those tests and numbers mean and how to interpret them and Timothy explains everything in his book.

This book is about what I would call self-performance, what includes losing fat, improving sex life, getting better sleep and seeking for other improvements in physical abilities. You should never forget that human consists of body, mind and heart (or soul) and all of these areas should be trained equally in a period of life! So this book is mostly about body, though I believe that if you are improving one area of your humanization, at certain degree the other areas are improving as well.

There are many books written on dieting, exercising, building muscles, losing fat, having better sex and sleep  and so on. I believe all of them provide certain information on a subject they are written. It's not just another book on similar subjects. What I love about it the most is that Timothy tries to explain most processes happening in/to the body in an easy to understand way why you should do that. Another excellent thing is that all above mentioned topics and many more are covered in one book! Moreover, he doesn't say that you should change your personality completely to lose weight or to improve your abilities. He doesn't suggest any radical changes in your daily eating or living habits, he simply suggests what I would call an improvement. There is no easy or hard way to lose fat or improve your other body abilities. The are only few things that should be done in order to achieve your goals. And this book provides you with one of the methods. You might like it or not, but it works! Everything depends just on you. Reading the book is just 10% of the work, the rest 90% is your part in putting that knowledge in to action!

I believe The 4-Hour Body will provide you with experienced information on many facilities of your physical being. It's worth reading, but just if you are going to take an action afterwards!

So, do you think your body deserved at least 4 hours of excellent treatment?
<![CDATA[Who Will Cry When You Die? Advises that will improve your life!]]>Wed, 30 Apr 2014 09:56:02 GMThttp://www.aistiszidanavicius.com/reviews/who-will-cry-when-you-die-advises-that-will-improve-your-lifeRobin Sharma Why Will Cry When You Die
Ever wanted a Ferrari? This book will help you get one, later on, it's your choice what to do with it!

Robin Sharma shares his advises again. This book is a sequential book to the precursor The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. I can't say that it's better or worse than the first book, because it's quite different. Different in style, not in the primary meaning. This book is not written in a story style, it's more step by step tutorial  and all advises are distinguished and explained one by one. And because of this style, I believe that this book is very clearly and easy understandable. Stories are important as well and they help us to realize things easier, but after stories it's always a good thing to have a step by step guide, which will remind us the most important lessons.

What I liked in this book is that author really emphasizes that money is not a bad thing and it helps you reach your dreams easier. I believe this is very important, because as I mentioned after reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, some people might get an idea that you don't need money in life. And that's not correct. So in this book author explicitly mentions that money is important, just you don't need to make everything only about money.

I really encourage you to grab this book, read it and try it! That's very important, because sometimes we have the knowledge, but the only way to benefit from that is to put it in action!

Waiting for your thoughts, share your experience while reading this book!
<![CDATA[Ape And Essence. The reality that is called fiction!]]>Thu, 17 Apr 2014 10:27:02 GMThttp://www.aistiszidanavicius.com/reviews/ape-and-essence-the-reality-that-is-called-fictionAldous Huxley Ape And Essence
Apes are holding Einsteins by the ropes in both fighting sides. The same apes are trying to create a new society after the nuclear war. The same apes are living by the fictitious savage dogmas. No questioning, just a blind belief in what is created to be an absolute true. How much human is left there in the society?

Aldous Huxley is really very talented philosophical writer. Ape And Essence is his second book I've read after Brave New World. As I've expected, this book made a huge impression on me. I admire author's ability to create great stories and show the world in the most deep philosophical way. I like this book very much, because it reminds us what it means to be human. Author beautifully paints world based on created norms that nobody knows where they came from but takes it as an absolute true.

This time Huxley takes us to the future after the nuclear world war. From the surface this book looks different from Brave New World, but actually it's the same insane life, where nobody is really living their own life. It shows us empty post-apocalyptic world where only few survivors are left and are trying to create society again. Everything is told through the eyes of the scientist who came from New Zealand, the only country which was not touched by the war.

Interesting fact is that author takes a scientist who looks like he is still living in our known today world and puts him in the conditions of the future post-apocalyptic world, where people are building a society on savage totalitarian and religious fundamentals. And that looks so unacceptable and inappropriate through his eyes, as well as through the readers' eyes. But if you look more deeper, you might see that the world we are living today is not much different, most people are so used to the dogmas, values, routines and imposed norms that most just take them as an absolute true even though sometimes they feel that it doesn't have any meaning to them and just makes them live by the inertia. And here the question rises, is the imagination of the Huxley just a fantasy, or is it a reality just made up with a different make-up?

Another interesting thing that I've noticed while reading this book is that those people used books just as firewood to cook and satisfy similar needs. This is not the first book where I've noticed such behavior with books. The misuse of the books was pictured in Brave New World and in Orwell's 1984 as well. I believe these authors want to show that reading books is one of the greatest ways to grow in life and nobody from those stories was interested in this fact. It's sad, but even in our world most people don't use their reading abilities at all, they just forget that and I believe it's equal to using the books as firewood.

So how much ape do you have inside you?
<![CDATA[Discover Your Destiny. Practical guide to discover your destiny!]]>Sat, 12 Apr 2014 12:15:57 GMThttp://www.aistiszidanavicius.com/reviews/discover-your-destiny-practical-guide-to-discover-your-destinyRobin Sharma Discover Your Destiny
Are you tired of your life? Do exactly the same Mondays and other days of the week don't make sense to you? Do you feel that there is something more waiting in life for you? If you have such or similar questions I believe this book can be an answer for you! But just reading it and not practicing is not going to make any changes in your life!

This book is sequel to Robin's bestseller The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Basically it's very similar to the mentioned book, but everything is expanded and explained in more details. The plot is simple, the same monk who sold his Ferrari is sharing his wisdom with the man who has everything in life, but lost meaning of it. He almost ended with a suicide, but accidentally something stopped him and that something became a breakthrough in his life.

What I like in this book is that Sharma takes us step by step through all 7 steps of self-awakening. In a story telling way he explains us why they are important and how you can master them. He gives us many advices and insights that can help to transform anyone's life. To make those steps and advises more emphasized the hero of the books teaches his apprentice one step at a time, by showing a lesson each time and making him to experience everything by himself, not just to hear the advice. That makes this book more practical to use for everyone who want great changes in their lives.

I believe there are many lost souls in this world and this practical book can really help to find a real yourself and a real meaning of your life. Even if this one book won't help, I believe it will be a first huge step to discover your destiny!

So, is your next Monday going to be the same as your last 30 Mondays?!
<![CDATA[Memories, Dreams, Reflections. Bizarre journey through Jung's mind!]]>Wed, 02 Apr 2014 13:12:30 GMThttp://www.aistiszidanavicius.com/reviews/memories-dreams-reflections-bizarre-journey-through-jungs-mindCarl Gustav Jung Memories, Dreams, Reflections
This book will take you on a very unusual journey through the mind of one of the most important people on human psychology in history - father of analytical psychology Carl Gustav Jung.

The book that is not easy to read even though it supposed to be an autobiography. And it is, just most of the times it looks like an unusual biography and seems like it was written about the life within the author's mind. This book is my first meeting with C. G. Jung and I should admit that there were parts where I didn't understand exactly what he had in mind. Probably I will have to read it once more in a few years after I'll read more of his works. But I liked it, because it portrays very interesting personality, who spend all his life studying human psychology and basically creating most of today well know psychology works and practices. I am very interested in psychology and it's always very interesting to know the basics.

What is interesting in this book, that you can be acquainted with both parts of Jung's life - his life events and his inner life, his mind and thoughts. Both parts are very interesting - his childhood, early years, school, studies, work as a psychiatrist, relationships, trips and so on. Another part is more difficult and as I mentioned above it's not so easy to perceive. Jung talks about his dreams, visions, reflections, that sometimes really seem very crazy. That's why this personality is so interesting to me.

I believe you should be ready to read this book and probably you will have to read it couple of times in couple of year's period. If you are interested in human psychology, behavior and philosophical personalities, I believe you will like this book as well.

I will finish my review with one of Jung's thoughts that caught my eye in the end: "We become lonely not when we don't have close people, but when we can't share things with them that seems important to us or when we hold on the attitude that is not acceptable to others".
<![CDATA[The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. A wisdomfull story about finding a meaning in life!]]>Fri, 28 Mar 2014 10:15:14 GMThttp://www.aistiszidanavicius.com/reviews/the-monk-who-sold-his-ferrari-a-wisdomfull-story-about-finding-a-meaning-in-lifeRobin Sharma The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Are you tired of your life? Do you do things that don't bring any meaning in to your life? Are you so busy that you have never thought of these questions before? Do you own a Ferrari? You can spend couple of hours reading this book and might find the answers to your questions or you can keep on rushing and realize these things by yourself on the last day of your life!

Robin Sharma is really a great story teller. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a book full of wisdom, advises and lessons about life wrapped in a beautiful story of human transformation and finding a meaning in life. I liked this book, because everything is explained in a simple story way. The main line of the book is about the lawyer who had all the success and lots of money but still lost the meaning and passion in life. Author tells us simple principles which most people forget by rushing over their lives. He reminds us what it really means to live and enjoy everyday blessings. All the book consists of many insights and advises presented in a ear-catching manner.

Most people these days rush to make careers, earn money and does other "need to do" things don't even realizing that they are quitting on their real dreams and passions in life. Most people are just doing things not even realizing that they are caught in a closed circuit and really don't go anywhere. Most people are not happy with their lives and those things they are doing are not bringing them any joy. Most people are trying their best for their family, but forgetting the most important - to spend time with the family. This book might be the answer to the question, why are they not happy yet. Happiness is a state of mind that consists of many small blessings in life and most people are just rushing for many things that don't make their lives any more happy and meaningful.  This book might open your eyes and make you see life through a different angle.

As hearing some people talking about this book I also noticed one dangerous thing. And that thing is money topic. For some people it might seem that money is not an important thing, but it really is and I don't believe that Robin wants to justify poverty. Money is a tool, to make your life easier and get things you want and you don't need to misunderstand the attitude that money becomes everything in life. Believe me, if you don't have money, happiness is a lot more difficult state to understand. Even the book is called The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, so you need to have that Ferrari at first in order to be able to sell it. This book is not a permission to make excuses why you are not rich or have not enough money. It just gives you lessons on how to be happy and live a meaningful life.

So what car do you drive and which car would you really like to drive?!
<![CDATA[The Zahir. Amazing journey to discover yourself!]]>Thu, 20 Mar 2014 13:52:14 GMThttp://www.aistiszidanavicius.com/reviews/the-zahir-amazing-journey-to-discover-yourselfPicture
Most people would say that love is very important in their life and relationship, but how many people really know what love is? Most people don't even have any idea how to love themselves and they already try to love others. Most people are trained how to love by their parents, surroundings and most people don't even realize that the real intimacy of two souls starts in a much different place and proceeds in a much different way!

I believe that discovering yourself should be the main task in any person's life! And Paulo Coelho is a master at writing great novels on this topic. It's his second book that I've got a chance to read and I am really very happy that I did so. As I loved The Alchemist, I loved this book even more, but I still think that you should read The Alchemist first!

This book caught my attention from the start and I couldn't wait to see what will happen going further through the pages. Every page of the book got my attention until the book was finished. Author touches many interesting themes in this book like love, marriage, fame, obsession, transformation, loss, discovery and journey into yourself. I was really impressed on author's point of view about love in this book. This book even could be read as an amazing and dramatic love story with a happy ending. It could also be read as a discovery of yourself, transformation of human soul. Or it could be read as everything mentioned above. That's the beauty of this story, it is not just a nice love story, but it's also a very deep and philosophical analysis of human behavior and soul.

The main line of the book is about the main character who is looking for his lost wife. The story starts from him being arrested for suspicion of being related to his wife's disappearance. The rest of the book is a journey of a great search for his wife. It just a very short description of the book, but everything is more complicated. It's not just a journey to find his wife, it's a journey to discover the real himself as well. The journey into realizing real love, attraction and real intimacy of two souls.

I would greatly encourage everyone to read this book. It doesn't matter if you are single, married, divorced or living together for 20 boring (or maybe exciting) years. I believe, that if you read this book with open heart, you will find a lot of spices to make your life and relationship more wonderful than you could have imagined before.

So, what is your Zahir?